Will You Accept Trump as Your King?


I believe Trump is meeting with people like Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Kanye West and Martin Luther King Jr. III (Dr. King’s son) in a desperate attempt to prove to Black people that he’s going to do great things for the community. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising from someone who gave the trashy gossip site MediaTakeOut.com first dibs unveiling his administration’s vague 10 point plan for Black America. Sadly, probably as a result of these simple PR stunts, many seem to be warming up to to the pussy-grabbing president. Trump will likely end up investing millions into “inner-city” programs which will earn him brownie points from those who were initially skeptical of a Trump presidency. The companies he owns and refuses to divest from will undoubtedly be tasked with rebuilding those inner-cities he regularly refers to as disaster areas with no jobs or education and where people get shot walking to the store. Maybe, he’ll even fulfill the wishes of Dr. King’s son by implementing a voter ID card. This may prove to be just enough to distract his opposition from spending too much time focusing on his many lawsuits and rape accusations while he and his billionaire cabinet members leverage their position of power and influence to negotiate the biggest business deals of their lives. After all, Trump and his team of Exxon/Goldman Sachs/Amway execs are business people first and foremost.

Folks will be so easily impressed with the monetary crumbs Trump is generously giving away that they’ll say things like, “See, he isn’t that bad after all.” Many who voted for him but now regret doing so, either because they’ll lose their health care or because he won’t ever really build that wall, will march in protest and eventually be met with the same abusive police force they so passionately defended when it was only Black bodies being brutalized. All Lives Matter will not be there to stand up for them (because it doesn’t exist) and they’ll just have to “get over it”, the same way they expect Black people to just get over the murders of Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Philando Castille, Rekia Boyd and Tamir Rice. But as the last two years have proven, their xenophobia and racism will trump their own best interest as they eventually help re-elect a man who consistently appeals to their lowest nature by making more empty promises. With four more years to further distract the nation while he and his team continue to strengthen their multinational operations, America will have become the laughing stock of the world. But Trump supporters, blinded by their limited understanding of foreign affairs, geopolitics and world history, won’t even notice how the nation is increasingly isolating itself from the global community. Various wars will continue to be fought across the world for reasons we never really understand, with Russia, China, North Korea and the Middle East always in the news for even more reasons we don’t fully understand, but few will truly worry since it’s happening far, far away from us to evil people who hate us for our freedom.

Twitter, which his kids will have now invested in, will have become an accepted method of communication for an elected official and he’ll continue to attack anyone who dares to disagree with King Trump. After all, this is a man who modeled his New York penthouse after the Palace of Versailles, a level of gaudiness only someone suffering from epic delusions of grandeur would even want to replicate. As always, to exploit and capitalize on the average Joe’s fascination with the bizarre and sordid, A&E or Fox will produce a show that chronicles Trump’s day to day affairs, which will go on to make history as the most watched program in the world. He’ll have lived out his dream of being the star of the most successful reality TV show since the invention of television, feeding into his psychopathic and severely narcissistic hunger for attention. More celebrities will be invited to meet with him and eagerly jump at the chance to rub elbows with a president and TV star. In the meantime, the policies his cabinet will push and the lives they’ll destroy will tear at the fabric of the nation just enough to get people posting about it on social media and through symbolic marching but not enough to pry the masses away from their shiny new iPhone 10, football/basketball/baseball and Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 128.

White supremacy will have grown exponentially. Hate crimes will be a daily thing. The rich will continue to get richer, the middle class and poor will get poorer and the average person will be left to fend for themselves. By then, HUD Secretary Ben Carson will have resigned after realizing that his inexperience in housing and urban development was strategically exploited to give real-estate-mogul-turned-president Trump’s secret companies first access to construction bids and contracts. Aspiring politicians who are even less qualified for office than Trump and his cronies will have been emboldened by his presidency and anyone with a pulse will campaign for the position. Celebrities, Klan members, Fortune 500 CEO’s and Kanye will jump in the race and billions upon billions of dollars will be spent campaigning while poverty rises more than ever before. Independents and Green Party candidates will once again have been overlooked as they cannot compete with celebrities, lack meaningful resources and struggle to even get 5% of the nation’s support.

The same old, broken two party system will go back and forth for months, using the kind of smear tactics that will make Americans miss simpler times when you still weren’t completely sure whether or not a candidate was racist and threatening to lock up an opponent was just one of those silly things you say during a heated debate in order to gain support from testosterone-crazed fans. Candidates will promise to make America “really great this time” and folks will eat it up and line up to vote for the person who vows to build the tallest walls, fully equipped with weaponized drones at both the Mexican and Canadian borders…because why not. And a wrestler, a D-list actor or the CEO of Corrections Corporation of America will win the election, courtesy of the Electoral College, and America will get mad once again…but not enough for celebrities to turn down a meeting with President-elect David Duke who promises to rebuild the inner-city because 8 years of Trump wasn’t as great as everyone hoped…but we need to give the new guy a chance, because…things will be different this time. Until one day, they no longer need to pacify us with the illusion of choice and the only thing they rebuild in those “dangerous” inner-cities are internment camps designed for anyone who isn’t willing to make America great again, again.