The Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture Program


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Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture (GATHC) is a UC approved, college-preparatory high school course designed to introduce students to Hip Hop culture’s rich history as a medium to explore career pathways in Arts, Media, and Entertainment while becoming socially aware, informed, media literate artists, content creators, and global citizens. Using Hip Hop culture as culturally responsive pedagogy, students are able to express themselves in a space that respects and affirms their identities, cultures, and interests through rap, beat-making, podcasting, creative writing, and a variety of other forms of expression. This foundational course is designed to provide context for the Beginner’s Digital Music Production and Advanced Digital Music Production which succeed GATHC.


Students will:

  • Examine Hip Hop culture’s rich artistic history and foster hands-on experience through songwriting, rapping, spoken word poetry, Hip Hop-style graphic art.
  • Trace the evolution of music genres, including R&B, Jazz, Disco, Reggae and Rock which influenced the development of rap music.
  • Examine Hip Hop’s effect on society here and abroad and the unique values, belief systems and ideologies which evolved from it.
  • Analyze early and current Rap songs to study song structure, lyrics, and content and apply to their own composition.
  • Identify the reasons why youth in the US and around the world adopt Hip Hop culture as a medium for personal, social, and political empowerment.
  • Explore careers in the entertainment business with an emphasis on the music industry.
  • Explore entrepreneurship potential in the field of Hip Hop.

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Specific Program Goals:

Upon completion of Global Awareness through Hip Hop Culture, participants will have:

  1. Recognized Hip Hop culture as a social movement with specific values and ideologies.
  2. Developed an understanding of Hip Hop culture’s direct and indirect effect on society.
  3. Connected ancient cultural traditions and historical art forms to today’s Hip Hop culture.
  4. Explored various music genres which have influenced Hip Hop music’s development.
  5. Examined how big business has turned elements of Hip Hop culture into a product.
  6. Researched careers in arts, media, and entertainment with emphasis on the Hip Hop industry and digital music production in particular.
  7. Acquired a greater understanding of the various messages expressed in Rap music.
  8. Developed critical thinking skills through discussions, group projects, and activities.
  9. Become socially aware, informed, media literate artists, content creators, and global citizens.

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