Take No Prisoners Radio, Ep # 8 – 6 Reasons Why You’ll Never make it as a Rap Star

On Episode 8, the Take No Prisoners crew shares the “6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Make it as a Rap Star”. Based on an article of the same name written by Seb back in 2013, Camille H and Seb talk their usual trash about why most aspiring rappers will never blow up. Meant to motivate as well as piss off listeners, Seb and Camille tell it like it is..for better or for worse! And as usual, check out new music by Add-2, Finale, Jay Electronica, MF Doom, Rapper Big Pooh, and XL (Sadat X & El Da Sensei. Shout out to our sponsors D1 Athlete (www.d1athl.com)and Art By Teressa King (artbyteressaking.weebly.com)as well as our supporters who have contributed to our Go Fund Me campaign (goo.gl/PAbH4g). Thanks for the support and please share the show on your social media platforms.
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“6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Make it as a Rap Star”