Sex for Profit: VH1, Mimi Faust and Hollywood Pedophillia


Billionaire Donald Sterling won’t see his bank account shrink anytime soon since he’s still the owner of the Clippers…for now. But at the very least, his racist ass is exposed. Of course, there’s plenty more of exposing to do. I’m hoping that the same level of outrage which led to Sterling’s $2.5 million fine and lifetime ban from the NBA can extend to the entertainment industry’s sexual exploitation of children. Am I asking too much?

It’s no secret that for decades, the entertainment industry has used sex to sell music, movies, TV shows, products, and even lifestyles. However, recent events point to something much more disturbing…and sinister.

The Disturbing:
While “Love & Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust is being dragged through the mud for having released a sex video, both Vivid Entertainment, the company distributing Mimi’s video, and VH1 are working collaboratively to ensure that the extra publicity will attract maximum viewers to Love & Hip Hop’s 3rd season beginning early May 2014. A couple of weeks ago, the movie’s unedited trailer (I didn’t even know they existed for porn) flooded social media, making it the most preordered adult film in Vivid’s history. Good job VH1. I think the cable network has also broken records by being the first “non-adult entertainment” channel to blatantly use pornography to promote a TV show watched by both adults and young people. I’m sure many horny teenagers were overjoyed to get a free glimpse of the film’s action scenes conveniently accessible on their Facebook timeline. How this didn’t violate Facebook’s “community standards”, while just a couple of months ago, a racist/sexist picture of First Lady Michelle Obama was allowed to circulate across FB land, is beyond me. But that’s another story.

I’m confident that Love & Hip Hop’s new season will kick off with huge numbers, thanks to VH1′s genius marketing campaign. Viacom must be proud of their baby. After all, we may be witnessing the beginning of a new era in marketing. How exciting! Mainstream porn for everybody!

The Sinister:
I few weeks ago, X-Men director Bryan Singer was accused of drugging and sexually abusing a teenage boy back in 1999. While Mr. Singer categorically denies these allegations, the issue has opened a can of worms and uncovered a much larger network of Hollywood big wigs who have been sexually exploiting children for decades. The truth is, these allegations are nothing new. For years, many industry insiders, including former child star Corey Feldman, have spoken publicly about pedophilia being Hollywood’s biggest problem. Feldman explained that over the years, the FBI had been notified on several occasions but failed to take action. According to sources, this Hollywood “sex ring” has been around for a long time and consists of agents, directors, and executives who use their power and influence to drug and molest children who are trying to break into the business. To make matters worse, many industry folks know who the culprits are but remain silent because it may jeopardize their careers and bank accounts. Singer’s recent accusations have once again placed the spotlight on this “Hollywood secret” which will hopefully result in the prosecution of every single monster involved in this tragedy, including those who know about it but keep their mouths shut. Anyone who believes that a career in the entertainment industry is more important than exposing a pedophile sex ring needs to be locked up immediately. Sadly, I’m sure many of the guilty parties are well-respected Hollywood power houses we’d never suspect.

Are these two seemingly unrelated examples connected in some way? Have the entertainment industry and sexual exploitation always been so disturbingly intertwined or are we witnessing the next level in depravity?  Have we reached the point where people will happily sacrifice their humanity for a spot in the entertainment industry?

What I do know is that money and power are at the root of this sickness. In one case, a major network is selling sex to increase their show’s viewership and advertising dollars; in another case, the rich and famous turn a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of children because it could affect their social status. This is absolutely insane and no one is holding anybody accountable.  In the meantime, our daughters are watching music videos that glorify strippers and our sons dream of making it rain on them.
And here I am, an educator and eyewitnesses to the damage this is inflicting on our kids, listening to these children dream of a lifestyle promoted by an industry that wants nothing but to suck the life out of them.